About Us

We are a virtual company established in Dubai, UAE, and registered at the Department of Economic Development under license No. 919925. We are dedicated to working with talented designers, editors and writers who can deliver high-quality services to our clients worldwide.

Our story

We learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that working virtually is a blessing. Regardless of location, our talented designers and writers can work from any place. All they need is an internet connection. Since our business model focuses on digital solutions (Ecommerce Websites, Digital Marketing and Video Productions), we decided to connect with the best talents available in the world to deliver the great quality at competitive prices.

A Message from the CEO


Why Future10X?

When we founded Future 10X in Dubai, we had in mind three objectives. The first one was to establish a 100% virtual company and serve as many clients as possible worldwide. This is why we created a smart company that operates virtually to provide faster services at affordable prices.
The second objective was to utilize the skills and knowledge of international designers, writers and talents. Global digitization presented us with a golden opportunity to hire creative talents from all over the world.
The third objective was to provide services that can be done online, such as digital marketing, social media, web development, graphic design, video editing, content writing and other services.
It is a blessing to work every day for a great cause: helping our clients get the best service and helping talents find work opportunities. I am happy to say that we achieved and realized the three objectives in one year. So far, we have delivered numerous projects and succeeded in hiring many talented designers and writers to work on advanced projects.

Dr. Hikmat Beaini

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We are registered at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai under license No. 919925


Address: We are 100% virtual company 


Email: Support@future10x.com

Mobile and WhatsApp: +971 56 2960059