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CEO Message

“The Future is 10 Times Better”

We are happy to share with you that since its inception, Future10x was developed as a 100% virtual, green, and AI-driven company in Dubai.

We pride ourselves on being an “officeless and paperless” company that has enabled its clients to “payless” through its creative business model.

We believe that by eliminating physical offices, we reduce our carbon footprint and increase our efficiency, and by going paperless, we reduce waste and ensure that our data is easily accessible. We also believe that the future of business will be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), virtual and augmented reality, in addition to other advanced technologies. 

Based on the above set of beliefs, we have adopted an ultramodern mission to provide our clients with innovative digital solutions to achieve their ultimate business potential. 

To achieve that mission, we have created a network of international designers, writers, producers and talented individuals to deliver the highest quality services and solutions, including content creation, public relations, social media management, online management, graphic design, video editing, translation services and virtual HR and management support. 

Sincerely yours, 
Hikmat Beaini, DBA 
CEO, Future10X